What You Must be aware of prior to renting a bounce House

There are some important things to consider prior to hiring a bounce house. These factors include cost, size, and weight limitations. All of these are vital to your security and the safety of your guests.

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When selecting the best bounce house, it’s essential to consider the dimensions and shape. A standard bounce house can hold between 3 and 5 kids at a time However, larger units can be able to accommodate as many as 10. It is also possible to find combo units with two things to do, like a slide or a jumping area.

Size limitations

Bounce houses are limited in their dimensions. The bounce house’s size could determine the cost as well as the amount of people it can accommodate. A larger bounce house is able to accommodate more weight, while a smaller bouncer may only be able for three or four toddlers. Commercial bounce houses are roughly 15 by 15 feet. However, some bounce houses are larger.

Cost to Rent

There are many factors which affect the price of bounce houses such as size, style and additional options. A standard bounce house costs between $100 and $600. However, larger inflatables are more costly. The rental price typically covers the cost of the set-up and removal of the bounce house, but delivery and damage insurance are usually extra.

Time to set up

You can rent bounce houses at many different time slots. The most common set up time is between 11am-7pm. If, however, you are hosting a large party at a time when it is difficult to set up to set, you can schedule delivery to be scheduled at different times.